Sealing Wax Glue Gun Sticks | 6-pack {Multiple Colors}

Designer: Artisaire

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Color Silver Sage
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Color Options:

  • Crema is a cool, creamy, metallic brown that resembles the smooth, creamy richness of decadent milk chocolate. Truly dreamy.
  • Ms. Lilac Gray has a lovely vintage charm appearance, with her slightly cooler tone and purple pulls. We love the bold statement that Lilac Gray makes unintentionally.
  • Sequoia loves being barefoot, gardening, homemade soups, and an overcast day. We like to think Sequoia is a modern neutral, its mid-tone khaki appearance truly makes it the perfect green.
  • Silver Sage is the next best thing to your favorite spa service. This soft, dusty mint shade has a soothing finish and a fresh appearance. Perfect for a wedding full of modern neutrals.
  • Vino: We couldn’t resist having a color that resembled our favorite full-bodied red wine with a smooth finish, which is why we’ve created just that. Vino is a deep, burgundy red with a slight purple undertone, just like our go-to bottle of Merlot.
  • Vellum: Have you ever danced on clouds? Probably not. But Vellum will surely bring you similar feelings; it is something out of a dream. Vellum is a semi-transparent, soft white shade with an extremely airy and elegant look.
  • Antique Gold: The perfect bronze gold, with warm metallic swirls. Antique Gold has that “worn in” vibe. The same vibe that your near and dear to the heart furniture and jewelry pieces have or your favorite vintage finds.
  • Antique Pearl is a soft, opalescent cream ivory. It’s a classic. Just like your grandma’s favorite set of pearls.
  • Traditional Black is a deep black, perfect for making a chic statement.
  • Tiramisu: A beautiful decadent layered dessert and an equally beautiful color. Tiramisu is a soft pink with brown undertones. It's like the mascarpone cheese, cocoa, and espresso sponge cake layers were all mixed together.
  • Truffle: This delicious warm grey has a gorgeous brown undertone. Rich in color, just like a truffle.
  • Velvet: Is it red? Is it purple? Is it mauve? It really depends on the angle, just like true Velvet. This stunning burgundy shade has red and purple undertones.
  • A little nod to Vancouver Island, where Sitka Spruce grow along the Coast and Mountainside. Sitka is a deep, dark evergreen. A true thing of beauty.
  • This statement-making, metallic Antique Copper is worth every penny. Its reddish-brown undertone makes it the perfect hue for a wedding. Why? It's warm, shiny and adds the perfect pop of rustic flair.
  • Heirloom Silver is a soft, warm silver with a metallic shimmer and a touch of gold.
  • Celebrating? Champagne is always a good idea. A blend of warm taupe and pearlescent shine, this lustrous color is served best with great hors d'oeuvres and good company.


  • Flexible Formula, gives you durable wax seals that won't break when mailed 
  • High viscosity, improves workability to create seals with a defined edge 
  • Non-greasy formula, prevents absorption of sealing wax, leaving your paper stain-free 
  • Glue Gun Format, for easy dispensing, saving you time over traditional methods
  • Each sealing wax stick has a 0.44" diameter and a 4" length
  • Made with love in Canada 

How To Use

Materials: Wax Stamp, Sealing Wax, Low Temperature Glue Gun

  1. Insert sealing wax into glue gun, and allow 5-7 minutes to melt.
  2. Squeeze trigger to dispense a 1" circle of sealing wax on your surface
  3. Press Wax Stamp into sealing wax and allow 5-10 seconds to cool
  4. Gently peel Wax Stamp from sealing wax, if sticking occurs give more time to cool

We recommend chilling your stamp on a bag of ice, or an ice pack, between sealing.

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