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Parapsychologist, Dr. Jamie Pearce PhD, is the founder of Historic Haunts Investigations. She has been professionally involved in the paranormal for over 25 years, is a Paranormal Investigator, and has a PhD in Parapsychology, and is a member of several different paranormal and psychic research organizations along with historic foundations and writer's groups. Dr. Pearce also took Beginning Psychology at Yale University to help her career and to gain more knowledge in Psychology. Pearce is also ordained and is a certified Reiki Master. She is a genealogist and her research ability comes in handy on investigations. Pearce studied business, history, and  writing at the University of Virginia. She is also a photographer and conservationist.

Dr. Pearce has launched a podcast in February 2020. If you’re interested in topics broadly considered to be paranormal and supernatural, Speaking of the Paranormal is the Podcast and YouTube channel show for you.  While the show includes discussions on paranormal investigations, haunted locations, and ghost and apparitions, it goes beyond just spooks and specters to touch upon topics that raise eyebrows and invite debate. It delves into issues like UFO’s, ESP, psychics, mediums and New Age concepts, Cryptids like the Loch Ness Monster and Moth Man, superstitions, urban myths and legends and the obvious and not so obvious connections to popular culture and current thought. Along the way it will engage in interviews with witnesses, practitioners, artisans, theorists, authors and respected experts in their field. Also, it will look into the investigations conducted by Pearce and her Historic Haunts Investigations team that led to her continuing her Historic Haunts book series. Make sure you check it out at www.SpeakingoftheParanormal.com

She is also an empath, post cognitive, a sensitive, and has some psychic ability and has participated and studies at the Yale University. 

Dr. Pearce has worked with many of the top names in the paranormal field and has also been featured many times on the Jacksonville Morning News and also has appeared on My Ghost Story and Most Terrifying Places in America among other shows and featured on Travel Channel, Biography Channel, and History Channel.

She is a former feature columnist in The Florida Times Union Shorelines edition with my column entitled, Ghostly Shores. It featured stories across Florida's northeast Atlantic coast that are haunted.

Pearce is also an author of the paranormal with her Historic Haunts series. Her first book came out in 2011.

A Sneak Peek of Book Contents (each book contains many more stories):

  • Florida I
    • St. Augustine Lighthouse
    • Robert the Doll
    • Apollo I Launch Pad 34
    • Seven Sisters B&B
    • Versace Mansion
  • Florida II
    • Coral Castle
    • Banker Gang Site
    • Cassadaga Hotel
    • Don Cesar Hotel
    • The Ghost Dog 
  • South I
    • Myrtles Plantation
    • Oak Alley Plantation
    • USS Alabama
    • May Stringer House
    • Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon 
  • South II
    • College of William & Mary
    • 1886 Crescent Hotel
    • Moon River Brewery
    • Grove Park Inn
    • Blackbeard’s Ship
  • South III
    • Howey in the Hill’s Mansion
    • Marshall House
    • Orange Hall
    • St. Louis Cemetary
    • The Grey Man of Pawley’s Island

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