Greeting Card Set with Box

Designer: Bomo Art Budapest

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Paper covered cardboard box Top of the box - printed paper designed by Bomo Art Bottom of the box - brown or red Including:

-12 greeting cards and 12 envelopes Size (cm): 15x20.5 Thickness (cm): 4 Weight (g): 450 12 selected greeting cards FLOWERS (1x12): Red box - Roses design BALLOONS (2x6): Brown box - Balloons design HAND GESTURES (2x6): Red box - Handscript design BIRDS (1x12): Red box - Birdhouse design PLANETS (4x3): Red box - Planetarium design WILD ANIMALS (3x4): Brown box - Wild Animals design SEE ANIMALS (3x4): Brown box - Ocean Life design FOXES AND OWLS (2x6): Brown box - Fox and Owl design BUTTERFLIES (3x4): Red box - Butterflies design ART DECO LADIES (2x6): Brown box - Art Deco design TOYS (3x4): Red box - Vintage Toy Shelves design FLOWERS (1x12): Red box - Water Lily design CHRISTMAS 1 (1x12): Red box - Jingle Bell design CHRISTMAS 2 (1x12): Brown box - Deer in the Forest design CARS (3x4): Brown box - Cars design

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