Wax Seal Stamp | Gardenia

Designer: Signora e Mare

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Inspired by the private gardens of Charleston and the fragrant Southern scents, Signora e Mare crafted this unique design that has us envisioning ourselves in another time...where the air smells like gardenias and tastes like honey. This stamp depicts a honeybee in flight surrounded by a wreath of thyme greenery - calling to mind the heady florals of Charleston and the low country gardens. We picture these beautifully unique oval-shaped seals atop wedding invitations, notes to family and friends, branding or finishing a dramatic piece to an exquisite fête. Crafted from solid brass, each is finished with a hand-turned rosewood handle.

Each wax seal sits within a hand illustrated design by Signora e Mare. Its marbled matchbook box opens to reveal the stamp paired with a stick of sealing wax for immediate use.

  • Size | 3.5 in wooden handle and 1 in die
  • Materials | Solid brass and rosewood
  • Provenance | Made by Signora e Mare
  • Notes | Includes one antique gold wax stick

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