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A little message for when you need it! Our emoticards are such a fun gift you’ll need one for yourself! This set of 15 tiny gray letterpress flat cards with three shades of blue envelopes are perfect for just about any occasion.

The pack includes one of each of the following phrases:

  • love you, mean it
  • sorry I was crabby
  • forgive me
  • thanks for having my back, I’ve got yours
  • here’s a hug, almost as good as a real one
  • shit happens, tomorrow is a new day
  • bad day, I’ll be back to my brilliant self tomorrow
  • sorry you’re sad, I’m here for you
  • xoxo
  • hats off to you
  • whoops! My bad
  • you make me smile
  • thanks, I needed that
  • proud of ya babe
  • I’ll make it up to you, promise
  • I’m stressed and I need a nap.

These notes are too small to mail but perfect for hand delivery or a gift tag. The card size is 3.375” x 2”, the envelopes are standard business card size and they are all packaged in a clear sleeve.

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