Birthday Card | Constellation: Taurus and the Pleiades

Designer: Pictrix Design

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"Taurus, the Bull, is one of twelve zodiacal constellations which lie along the plane of the ecliptic - the great circle representing the Sun's apparent path through the course of a year. Taurus was first catalogued in the 2nd century CE by the Alexandrian astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy, whose treatise on mathematical astronomy, the Syntaxis Mathematica, or Almagest, was the accepted, geocentric model of the universe for 1200 years, until Copernicus came along and straightened us out. Taurus is typically associated with the Greek god Zeus, who - in yet another of his myriad licentious parlor tricks - disguised himself as a beautiful white bull in order to seduce and abduct Europa, the daughter of the Phoenician king, whom he'd taken a shine to. (It was a different time; besides, it's only a myth. She eventually got a whole continent named after her.) Taurus is the 17th largest of the 88 constellations; its brightest star - the 13th brightest in the night sky - is the red giant (Alpha) Tauri, or Aldebaran (from Arabic al-dabaran, "the follower"). Not part of the constellation, but contained within its official boundaries, lie the Pleiades - a prominent star cluster comprising thousands of stars, nine of which are named and represent the Titan Atlas, the ocean nymph Pleione, and their seven daughters - whence the cluster's common name, "the Seven Sisters." It goes without saying that, with seven girls, plenty of mythical shenanigans ensued: six of them became paramours to the gods."

  • 7 × 5 inch/A7
  • blank inside
  • recycled white envelope
  • printed with archival pigment ink on acid-free, premium matte paper
  • © Anne Connell | Pictrix Design

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