About You

Our customers tend to fall into three categories. First is what we affectionately call The Enthusiast. They revel in authenticity and love to express their own brand of uniquity through the products they buy and the gifts they give. They are appreciative of the seemingly insignificant stuff the rest of the world tends to miss. Y'know, the finer details. Like exquisite artisanry or a well-preserved relic. They embrace imperfection and know that every dent, ding, and blemish has its own story. They often imagine what it might be. And they love a little personal touch here and there. Luckily, surprises that delight are always on tap at Anemoia. They get great joy from unearthing a treasure from yesteryear or today. They have an eye for design and tend to be talented visionaries. Oh, and they get lost in good conversations with friendly people who share their interests and promise to keep in touch, and then, actually do. They remember names, places, and faces, and have a particular love of all things quirky. They make friends easily and keep them a long time. These are our people.  

Some of our ideal customers have a love affair with gifting. They're keenly aware that generosity is a whole lot more than slapping a bow on a generic trinket and calling it a day. No. The gifts they give need to be special. Something off the beaten path. Something there's no way in hell anyone else will ever think of getting. That's how they roll. They don't see gifting as an obligation, but as an opportunity. They cherish celebrations of all kinds, even the small stuff most people forget about. They want to be remembered, and remembered fondly. After all people forget what you said but they always remember how you made them feel. And when it comes to feels, this group brings their A-game. There's an art to being a damn good gift giver. And these people? Well, they're just Picassos. We're honored to be their gifting headquarters.

Last, but certainly not least, are the creators. This crowd has special appeal to us. They are the makers. The dreamers. The do-ers. They bless the world with their artisan talents through the work they put out there. And we can't get enough of it. We're proud to carry local artisan works of all kinds in the shop. As fellow old souls, they're also some of our best customers. They love to peruse our unique wares and support their fellow artisans regularly. They're the heart of our community. They have a way of bringing a unique perspective to any conversation. They work hard and they play hard. And we can't think of a more perfect group to rally around.

If you see yourself here, you should see your way into the shop. We'd love to meet you! And hey, bring a friend. Because the more, the merrier.