Boxed Card Set | Charismatic Megafauna {6-pack}

Designer: Pictrix Design

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Charismatic megafauna! Wiki defines the term as "large animal species with symbolic value or widespread popular appeal … often used by environmental activists to gain public support for environmentalist goals." Sure, and there's a lot more to it than that, but I've just always loved the phrase, because it's fun to say—a poem in eight syllables (trochaic tetrameter!):

CHAR–is–MAT–ic ME–ga–FAU–na!

The CHARISMATIC MEGAFAUNA notecard set comprises six colorful pigment prints depicting big (mega-) animals (-fauna), all •quite• charismatic, and all with something to say—just not necessarily what you'd expect them to. They're a bit retro, a bit nonsensical, and altogether absurd. They make a great gift!

If there was ever a time for greater connection across distance, "NOW" gets my vote. Live communication is great and often essential (and we're lucky to have the technology), but during this time of uncertainty and anxiety, how wonderful to send and receive old-fashioned, handwritten on actual paper, physical notecards with expressions of solidarity, support, encouragement, and CHEER. Plus, not only will you make someone's day, you'll help the indispensable but beleaguered USPS with every card you mail. If that's not win-win, I don't know what is.

☛ Designed and printed with an absurd attention to detail in Portland, Oregon, USA

☛ 5½ × 4¼ (A2) inches + choice of recycled white or Kraft envelopes

☛ Printed with archival pigment ink on acid-free, 60lb. premium matte paper

6-pack of 5½ × 4¼ inch/A2 blank folded notecards + recycled Kraft envelopes

© Anne Connell | Pictrix Design
Made in United States of America

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